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Welcome to Hautewerk.com           5/29/2023      


Mixing at Laguna Sound Studio

Taking a break from our usual Firetail-by-the-Sea studios, we spent an evening of mixing at Laguna Sound Studio in Laguna Beach, California. Sometimes you just need a fresh set of ears! Left to right- Dustin Yrizzary, Jason Feddy, Bob Hawkins, John Hall, and Chance McCullough.

Photo: Laguna Sound Studio


Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey track with us

We've been busy in the studio working on a new song called "Eye of the Needle". With lyrics by Jason Feddy and music from John Hall, we've been honored to have Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey of REM add a few tracks of their own to the tune. Peter plays twelve string guitar and E-Bow, while Scott has added a wonderful piano part.


Marty Willson-Piper guests on our CD

Marty Willson-Piper, well known for his time with The Church, gave us a big hand and has added some fine examples of his guitar and E-Bow skills to our latest CD. We'll be mixing several songs soon which include his cool sounds and can't wait to share them with you.

Currently Marty is playing with both French and Swedish bands, as well as deeply involved with his ever-expanding record archive project. Read his daily posts here: In Deep Music Archive.

Photo: Autumn Andel


Roger McGuinn Gives us a Hand

Roger McGuinn, a fixture of The Byrds, very kindly took time from his busy schedule to give us a taste of his Rickenbacker 12-string chops, gracing our new track "Other Side of Gravity" with his inimitable picking.

His own current personal project is "Stories, Songs & Friend" which you can check out at: Amazon- Stories, Songs & Friends.


Three Tunes Released in Rockband

Harmonix has added three songs from Hautewerk's "Stop Start Again" to the Rockband video game". Visit the Rockband II website to learn more about this special release and download the Three-Pak or individual songs.


Hautewerk House of Blues Performance

On Sunday August 27th 2006, Hautewerk performed live for the first time ever at the House of Blues in Hollywood at the Rickenbacker 75th Anniversary show. Joined on stage by guitarist Matt Hill, John and Kenny played a great set feturing the songs "Alone in My Head," "The Edge of Space," and "Stop Start Again." The show was well received by the audience, especially when you consider that Hautewerk was nested in between such acts as Jefferson Starship, Chris Squire, The Smithereens, Minus 5 with Peter Buck of R.E.M. , Susanna Hoffs & Matthew Sweet, Billy Hinsche, and Marty Willson-Piper and the Electric Mood Maidens.


Stop Start Again Released

Hautewerk is pleased to announce the release of their debut album "Stop Start Again." Visit the Music section to hear samples of all of the tracks on the album, or visit the Store to buy the album.

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